Conservator of the Person

Summary of Timeline and Responsibilities for a Conservator of the Person


Step 1

You are appointed and qualify as a conservator of the person.

Step 2

Obtain your Letters of Conservatorship and use certified copies of the Letters to notify the conservatee’s doctors, health insurers, and other interested parties that you are authorized to act on the conservatee’s behalf.

Step 3

Figure out what help the conservatee needs and draw up a plan for meeting those needs (your Plan of Conservatorship). Your court may require you to file this plan or a status report concerning the conservatee’s present condition and circumstances. Check with your lawyer regarding specific court requirements.

Step 4

Take care of the conservatee’s urgent needs.

Step 5

Arrange for the conservatee’s:

Step 6

You will serve as conservator until a judge officially releases you from your duties. This may happen if you resign and the court accepts your resignation, the conservatee dies, a judge replaces you with a new conservator, or a judge decides the conservatee doesn’t need a conservator any longer.

From the Judicial Council of California Administrative Office of the Courts, available at

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